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Configuring Citrix Web Interface with RSA SecureID , Notes from the field

March 7, 2013 2 comments

Configuring your Web Interface to work with RSA SecureID can be troublesome, I spent 2 days trying to figure how to make it work, here are the configuration steps:

Follow the steps mentioned in this CTX article:

BUT, as usual there is a trick, completing the above configuration will not work, you will get the following error:

There was a problem with the RSA SecurID ACE/Agent. Check that the ACE/Agent is installed correctly and that the path to the file aceclnt.dll has been added to the PATH environment variable.

To solve this problem, first, follow the following steps:

– make sure to install the RSA Web Agent, the Web Agent must be installed as it will add some keys in the applicationhost.config that are needed by the IIS.

– Configure the Web interface not to send the domain name, from Explicit authentication, properties, Explicit/Two-Factor Authentication and uncheck (Send Domain and username to ACE/Server)

some additional troubleshooting steps are here (Like the PATH and secret key reset)


Citrix XenApp 6.5 error: Please wait for the Local Session Manager

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

if you got this error in your Citrix receiver client and you can’t connect to the server, please use the following methods to address this issue:

Apply the following hotfixes:

if the issue is not fixed, make sure to delete or rename the usrclass.dat in the c:\users\default\appdata\local\microsoft\windows , it looks like a corrupted file can cause this issue for new and exiting users.

more information:

Follow up: based on my search and testing, I found that removing users’ permissions from tstheme.exe massively increases the speed of the login

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April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

if you have been reading carefully, Citrix released a document the article published here .

by that time, I knew internally that Microsoft didn’t support Client virtualization for OCS/Lync. although if you have been reading and even attended Citrix Xenapp 6 or Xendesktop training you will hear a lot about Lync/OCS client virtualization delivery with Xenapp or Xendesktop.

starting 14/4, Microsoft released a document that explains the supportability statement for Xenapp and Xendesktop and virtualization techniques that they support/no support.

the document is available here

in summary Microsoft now supports client virtualization through full desktop or application delivery/streaming with some considerations “check the document for more details” it is so amazing to see that Microsoft finally released such a support statement and changed the fully rigid statement of the big NO before.

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