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How to Remove the Other Device “Open Tabs” from other devices from your Chrome

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

if you signed into chrome using your Google account into multiple devices, you will see all the opened tabs from other devices when you open chrome, that is quite annoying specially if you watch porn Open-mouthed smile, of course not, it is useful but not when you have signed to kios or want to remove that history.

to do that, simply go the device that is syncing your history, open chrome and disconnect you account from chrome and you are done Open-mouthed smile.

don’t watch porn again Winking smile, just kidding.

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حقائق غير تاريخية–اصل كلمة اوبرا اساسا عربي

October 11, 2012 Leave a comment

حقيقة غير تاريخية و لا يعلمها الكثيرين انه كلما اوبرا اساسا اسمها عربي ، ازاي ، هذا ما سعى المستعمر كثيرا لاخفاءه و نكشفه حصريا في هذه البلوج بوست الخطيرة.

اساسا كلمة اوبرا تعني (اوووو_برا) يعني اطلع برا بالمصري ، و اساسها انه كان زمان في معركة ضارية في منطقة الاوبرا الشهيرة بوسط البلد بين احد مشجعين الالتراس الاهلاوي و المستعمر ، فوقف شباب الالتراس جميعا يهتفوا و يغنوا (اووووو – برااااا) في غناء اوبرالي جميل ، اكتشف المستعمر اسلوب الغناء هذا و اطلق عليه اوبرا و سعى لطمس هويتنا

مش مصدق ، و لا انا كمان

لو عندك كلمة و مش عارف معناها ابعتهالي و حلاقي تفسير غير منطقي و غير تاريخي ليها على


و الى اللقاء القادم في الحقيقة الغير تاريخية القادمة

Understanding Netbackup Appliances.

October 7, 2012 Leave a comment

I got a lot of questions around my previous blog post (Install and configure Netbackup Appliances the questions where about what are the Netbackup Appliances and what are the difference between them and Netbackup solutions and other Backup Solutions.

So, in this article we will introduce these appliances and explore their capabilities.

Netbackup Appliances Architecture, Models and features:

you can think about the Netbackup Appliances as if it is you got Netbackup server with huge amount storage attached to it, there is an important point, not storage that makes Netbackup appliances sexy, it is the features that accompanies the Netbackup appliances.

Netbackup appliances comes with 2 flavours, 5020 series and 5200 series.

The 5020 Series is the smaller one, it has the following features:

  • Modular grow method up to 32 TB deduplicated data per box (expandable up to 192 TB).
  • it could be plugged and managed into existing NBU infrastructure (6.5 at least)
  • recognized and managed by existing media and master server.


Netbackup 5020 Appliance

The perfect place for those appliances in existing NBU infrastructure, and introducing deduplication infrastructure (a long with the replication capabilities these devices have, these devices also are perfect for DR hubs and branch offices), to know more about the deduplication effect for NBU devices check my article ).

The 5200 series is the bigger one, they have the same features as the 5020 series, but they have additional feature, in which they have NBU installed on the appliance itself, which means; that you don’t need to have NBU separately installed and you can introduce the 5200 series to an organization that doesn’t run NBU or looking to migrate their NBU.

  • The NBU appliance introduces up to 64 TB of dedplicated data.
  • can be used as a Master, and combined with 5020 series either as disk based backup or branch office backup and replicated to the HQ (where the 5200 series resides).
  • 5200 series can be attached with stacked 5020 appliance providing 158 TB of deduplication storage for your backups.

Why I should use the appliance ?!

You might wonder and say, why should I use the appliance, I can install the NBU software and attach it to disk pools or any storage based appliance, but there are so many benefits of running the appliances including:

  • Faster deployments, as you have seen in the previous blog, installing the appliance actually takes less than an hour (I can argue it is 30 minutes max), so you don’t have to go through a complex process of installing/configuring and NBU.
  • Specialized hardware that is “Telco Grade” hardware and designed/optimized to run NB.
  • Those devices are protected by the Symantec security agent and running special made OS, the security agent will prevent malicious attempts to modify/tamper the data/operating system and less susceptible to attacks.
  • you get the replication license and the NBU license which is transferable, once you get and AFAIK you don’t need to buy extra licenses for extra devices.

The following diagram outlines the SAN clients along with dedup/replication bases between the devices, there are so many ways these can be used and personally, I find them freakin awesome Smile.


I hope that this short article helped you to digest the NB appliances, also make sure to check the website , and feel free to post a comment asking me anything!.

Which question I will ask to VMware CTO Steve Herrod?

October 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Today, announced that they have an interview with VMware CTO Steve herrod, they posted on facebook that if you got a question post it in the comment section and he will answer it.

I couldn’t miss that chance, I wanted to ask him the only question that I keep asking myself everyday, Why VMware is not afraid (or pretends to be not) from Microsoft’s competition.

We can’t argue about VMware’s Technology, it is an excellent one, but also let us be fair, Microsoft did her part of the homework and came up with great cloud solutions and virtualization platform with Windows Server 2012.

sometimes, I feel like VMware ignoring the competition, they still feel superior, which is a problem from my point of view, ignoring a company like Microsoft is not the solution. you have to work your ass very hard because they will eat you alive.

I would like to hear the answer from Mr. Steve, I hope that it will not a political answer, I hope that it will be a real and fruitful answer.

I will wait and post the answer,hopefully…

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Install and Configure the Netbackup Appliance 5220

October 2, 2012 4 comments

As promised, we will start today the journey of installing and configuring Netbackup Appliances, from my point of view it will be very cool blogging series, and the first of its type, in this blog series we will do the following:

  • Install and Configure Netbackup 5220 Master Appliance.
  • Install and Configure Netbackup 5220 DR appliance.
  • Install and Configure Netbackup 5020 Master Appliance.
  • Install and Configure Netbackup 5020 DR appliance.
  • Backup and Restore VMware Data and hopefully….Exchange 2010 Open-mouthed smile

So, without any further ado, let us rock and roll…

Install and Configure Netbackup 5220 Appliance:

the install and configuration of the Netbackup appliance is fairly easy, I have to admit that I am so surprised about that, the device boots with the default IP, and then you can use the web interface to configure it by browsing to


Once logged in, you can use the setup appliance to setup your appliance:


The first page prompt you for the network configuration, select the interface, Netbackup appliance support wide rage of bonding option (or eth channel if you like this name), set your IP configuration (make sure that you have a route defined) and click next:


In the following page, enter the DNS server and SMTP server (to receive email notification):


Make sure that DNS setup is done:


In the NNTP, setup the NTTP server:


Make sure that it is completed successfully:


In the security, you get the chance to change your password, if you don’t want to click next:


In the role selection page, you get the chance to select the appliance role (either master or media) and the media appliance can be connected to a master server or a master appliance, since this is the first device, let us configure it as a master:


Now the appliance will be online once the setup is done, it takes around 10 minutes to complete:




Once rebooted click the reconnect, now you have your Netbackup appliance up and running:


Now, if you open the normal Netbackup Console, you can type in the device name and login to the netbackup software:




now your device is up and running in master mode, you can start playing and creating backup policies and backup jobs, in the next blog post we will see how we can add the other devices and use their storage, and again do some Exchange backup…again.

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