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#Exchange #Exchange2010 2nd #webinar by me at 5/2/2011 #Egypt #arabic #Microsoft community #mvpbuzz register here

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This is the second webinar, we will continue speaking about DAG and site resiliency, install Exchange 2010 and starting transitioning from Exchange 2003.

the registration is

See you then.


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Link to the first #session recording for #Exchange #arabic meeting #mvbuzz

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In this session we talked about Exchange 2010 installation and DAG benefit and design, we didn’t have the enough time to talk about site resiliency, we will continue it in the next session.

to download the session here is the link:

follow us for the next upcoming session isA.


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#Exchange #Exchange2010 custom KBs

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here is my KBs for the last 2 weeks:

KB1: Error when you try to move a user’s mailbox from Exchange 2003 database to another server or another database : The information store could not be opened. The MAPI provider failed. MAPI 1.0 ID no: 8004011d-0289-00000000 Error: -2147221231

Cause/Solution: the user is hidden from being displayed in the GAL, to move the use unhide the user from the GAL and try the move operation.

KB2: you create a new user the following error appear:

Failed to generate email addresses based on template “CCMAIL: at MEXDOMAIN01”. Additional message: “Failed to find the address type object in Active Directory for address type “CCMAIL:AMD64″.”.

Failed to generate email addresses based on template “MS:PRODUCTOSF/MEXDOMAIN0”. Additional message: “Failed to find the address type object in Active Directory for address type “MS:AMD64″.”.


To resolve this issue you need to edit your policy in Active Directory using ADSIEdit tool and delete disabledGatewayProxy entries of MS and CCMAIL

1. On your DC, open adsiedit.msc (Support Tools must be installed in order to be able to add ADSIEdit)

2. Connect to Configuration Naming Context

3. Browse to Services –> Microsoft Exchange –> YOURORGANIZATON –> Recipient Policies

4. On the right click Properties of Default Policy

5. Click Show only objects with entries

6. Find disabledGatewayProxy

7. Edit its content




KB3: users moved from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 SP1, or after applying Exchange 2010 SP1 cannot update distribution group membership with error

Changes to the distribution list membership cannot be saved. You do not have sufficient permission to peform this operation on this object


you need to make changes as per this KB:

also note that being Exchange administrator doesn’t mean that you will be able to manage the group, in Exchange 2010 SP1 the code checks if the user creating the change is the owner of the group or not, in the RTM version that wasn’t there, you can modify the groups using powershell to use BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck (pre-SP1 behavior).

KB4: cannot open Exfolders on Exchange 2010 with error Exception: The Active directory user wasn’f found.

Solution: Open adsiedit and check if there any objects in CN=Servers,CN=Fist administrative group,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=<Exchange Org Name>,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=local. Is the container “CN=Servers” empty, then delete it

#Microsoft #Hyper-V #Cloud Fast Track with #Dell technology

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Curious about Cloud ?

  • Should you use public cloud offerings from providers, build your own private cloud, or develop a hybrid of both?
  • What cloud-based services are right for you?
  • What are the best practices and proven process for implementing cloud technologies that minimize risk and maximize success?

Microsoft in partnership with Dell

Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track is a reference architecture for building private clouds that combines Dell technology, including servers, networking and storage, with Microsoft software, technical guidance and validated configurations.

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track solutions offer a turnkey approach to delivering scalable, preconfigured, validated infrastructure platforms for on-premises private cloud implementations. With local control over data and operations, your IT can dynamically pool, allocate, secure and manage resources for agile IaaS. Likewise, business units can deploy line-of-business applications with speed and consistency using self-provisioning and automated data center services in a virtualized environment.

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track solutions offer:

  • Faster deployment — Rich features and support make private clouds easy to deploy.
  • Reduced risk — Validated configurations mean you can implement with confidence.
  • Dell advantage — Dell provides business-ready configurations for virtualization that are optimized for Microsoft Hyper-V.

Dell Business-Ready Configurations for Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track

Dell offers a range of pre-engineered, business-ready configurations that conform to Microsoft’s Hyper-V Fast Track reference architecture:


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#Exchange #Exchange Arabic Exchange community bi-Weekly meeting online meeting #mvpbuzz, Exchange 2010 Installation and DAG Design

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starting 2011 we will be conducting bi-weekly online webinar for the arabic Exchange community, I will be speaking in the first webinar about the Exchange 2010 installation and DAG design factors and accepting your questions and asnwering them online.

registration is mandatory and only takes 1 minutes.

share the information and see you there.


ننا و طنط سعاد

January 2, 2011 2 comments

بعد احداث الاسكندرية اول امبارح مش عارف ليه افتكرت جدتي اللي بناديلها ننا و طنط سعاد جارتنا اللي قودامها بالظبط

من يوم ما اوعا و طنط سعاد و جدتي راشقين مع بعض و كنت دايما بشوف عمو شكري الله يرحمه بيقعد مع جدي الليه يرحمه هو كمان بيتكلموا بالساعات

الصداقة اللي كانت بينهم عمرها ما لفتت نظري و كانت شئ طبيعي ، لم اهتم بها الا اول امبارح

ماما كانت بتحكيلي ايام زمان ازاي كانو بيتجمعوا ايام حفلات ام كلثوم و كان جدتي بتعمل كحك و بسكوت و طنط سعاد كمان و يتلموا علشان يسمعوا ام كلثوم

و ازاي عمو شكري كان بيحب يقعد يسمع الخطب يوم الجمعة مع جدي لو منزلشي الصلاة لظروف صحته

عمري ما اتقال قودامي انه طنط سعاد دي مسيحية منكلمهاش او عمو شكري ده كوفتس او اي من الكلام الاهبل اللي بيتقال

ابن طنط سعاد (نبيل) سافر امريكا من زمان و اما خالي سافر برضو كان واحد من الناس اللي دايما بتسأل عليه و اما طنط سعاد بتسافر امريكا كانت بتسيب مفتاح الشقة مع ننا علشان تسقي الزرع و تحاسب الراجل بتاع الكهربا و تشقر على البيت

اما جدتي تعبت و سافرت امريكا طنط سعاد خلت نبيل يسافر من الولاية اللي هو مقيم فيها الى نيويورك علشان يسأل على ننا و خلته يكلمها من هناك علشان تكلم جدتي و تطمن عليها

الناس دي و رغم محدودية ثقافتها و اطلاعها (مقارنة لم هو متاح الان في عصرنا) استطاعت انها فعلا تعمل نسيج اجتماعي وطني و انها تتكيف مع كل المتغيرات و تعيش مع بعض في حب وود

النهاردة و رغم تقدمنا التكنولوجي لكن فكرنا بيعاني من التأخر و التخلف و للاسف اتنين جارين مش عارفين يعيشو مع بعض

التخلف ده احنا اللي حطينا نفسنا فيه، و بقول لكل اخ مسيحي ان كنت فاكر انه الحادثة دي ضايقتك لوحدك فانت غلطان  او انه التخل ده انت بتعاني منه انت لوحدك فانت غلطان انت كمان و اوعا تفتكر انه المسلمين او الاسلام بيدعو لكده

بس هو تخلف الفكر و انتشار الامية الفكرية و الثقافية برغم تقدم العلم هو السبب في انتشارالطائفية و الافكار المتخلفة دي كلها

و ياريتنا نرجع زمان

و على فكرة ننا و طنط سعاد دول مش شخصيات وهمية دي جدتي مقيمة في شقة 14 عمارة 99 عثمان ابن عفان و طنط سعاد في الشقة اللي قودامها مباشرة

و عزائي لكل اخواتي

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