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another king’s indian attack game

September 20, 2013 Leave a comment

loved this game that I just played, won a big win, enjoy:

[Event "Live Chess"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2013.09.19"]
[White "busbar"]
[Black "abrantes"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "1486"]
[BlackElo "1443"]
[TimeControl "15|10"]
[Termination "busbar won by resignation"]

1.e4 b6 2.g3 Bb7 3.Bg2 g6 4.d3 Bg7 5.Nf3 h6 6.Nc3 e6 7.Be3 Nf6 8.O-O Qe7 9.Re1 Nc6 10.e5 Ng4
11.h3 Nxe3 12.Rxe3 O-O-O 13.d4 f6 14.a4 a5 15.Qd3 g5 16.Nb5 Kb8 17.c4 h5 18.Rc1 g4 19.Nd2 fxe5 20.d5 Nb4
21.Qc3 e4 22.Qb3 Qc5 23.Nxe4 Qe7 24.dxe6 Bh6 25.c5 Bxe3 26.Qxe3 dxe6 27.cxb6 c6 28.Qf4+ e5 29.Qf5 cxb5 30.Rc7 Rdf8
31.Qg6 Rfg8 32.Rxb7+ Qxb7 33.Qd6+ Kc8 34.Nc5 Qxg2+ 35.Kxg2 gxh3+ 36.Kxh3 Rh7 37.Qe6+ 1-0

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Chess game (White King gambit)

September 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Check this game I played, loved the press the the bishop placed in the middle, first time to try that.. enjoy…


[Event "Live Chess"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2013.09.13"]
[White "busbar"]
[Black "aazzeeeemm"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "1454"]
[BlackElo "1331"]
[TimeControl "15|10"]
[Termination "busbar won by resignation"]

1.e4 e5 2.f4 d6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nf3 a6 5.Bc4 Nc6 6.Ng5 Be6 7.Nxe6 fxe6 8.Bxe6 exf4 9.O-O Qe7 10.Nd5 Nxd5
11.exd5 Ne5 12.d4 Ng6 13.Bxf4 Nxf4 14.Rxf4 g6 15.Qf1 Qg5 16.Re1 Be7 17.Rg4 Qd2 18.Re2 Qa5 19.Qf7+ Kd8 20.Bd7 Kxd7
21.Rxe7+ Kd8 22.Rge4 Qb5 23.Rxc7 Re8 24.Rxe8+ Qxe8 25.Qxe8+ Kxe8 26.Rxb7 a5 27.Rxh7 Ra6 28.Rg7 a4 29.Rxg6 Kf7 30.Rg3 Ra5
31.Ra3 Kf6 32.c4 Kf5 33.b4 Ra8 34.Re3 a3 35.b5 Ra4 36.c5 Rxd4 37.cxd6 Rxd5 38.Rxa3 Rxd6 39.Rb3 Rb6 40.Kf2 Ke5
41.h4 Kf4 42.g3+ Kg4 43.Rb4+ Kh5 44.Kf3 Kg6 45.Kg4 1-0

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My Freeletics (Cardio and Strength) review

September 7, 2013 18 comments

Disclaimer: this is a personal review, it is not paid , requested , enforced or endorsed by Freeletics or any 3rd party. the results are based on personal measures I used

12 weeks ago I came across HIIT training, I was looking to reduce my weight and body fats, I didn’t know how to start or where, i am busy and with my job and the kids I can’t afford doing 1 hour or 90 minutes of training or going to the gym, so I was looking for something that is fast, effective and will deliver results.

I came across Insanity and PX90 however they required either high fitness profiles or 90 minutes which I couldn’t afford, so I came across Freeletics, which I believe the best thing happened to my life.

First, Freeletics uses your body weight, no equipments needed, it uses HIIT training which consumes around 25 to 45 minutes max per day. the results were amazing.

I purchased the Cardio and strength guide, my first impression was (is it gonna work) but I said let me try it.

after 12 weeks, I lost 13 Kgs (from 105.5 to 92.5), I dropped my size from 42/48 to 36 now, lost around 14 cms from my waist and I shifted my BMI from obese to overweight.

Keep in mind that these results were achieved using the cardio and strength program, so I gained some muscle also, I believe that if I purchased the strength only program I would have lost more weight, but I don’t care, the program helped me in getting great shape now.

I know that I have to lose around more 12 Kgs, but I will make it and I am so happy that I found the program.

the program is amazing, no equipments,no gym, fast and effective, the only caveat that it doesn’t contain a nutrition guide, but you can use which worked great with me

Finally, I would like to thank the creators of the program, the past 12 weeks were amazing, you helped me change and do what I wanted to do for a long time.

Thanks Freeletics

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