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Citrix XenApp 6.5 error: Please wait for the Local Session Manager

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

if you got this error in your Citrix receiver client and you can’t connect to the server, please use the following methods to address this issue:

Apply the following hotfixes:

if the issue is not fixed, make sure to delete or rename the usrclass.dat in the c:\users\default\appdata\local\microsoft\windows , it looks like a corrupted file can cause this issue for new and exiting users.

more information:

Follow up: based on my search and testing, I found that removing users’ permissions from tstheme.exe massively increases the speed of the login

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A look back to 2012’s Blogging

January 1, 2013 Leave a comment

The Annual report of my blog is here I am so happy an proud with this years results.


Maybe the most remarkable thing, that my blog was viewed in 2012 around 110,000 times, more than anything before, pushing my total views to around 170,000.

Thanks a lot fans and friends, let us go for 2013.

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What I plan to do in 2013…

January 1, 2013 4 comments

2012 has been the best year in my life so far, it was the best…ever.

I am thinking about raising the bar for myself in 2013, putting some clear goals in front of my eyes will help me score my self by 2014, this blog will be a placeholder for those goals to keep reminding myself with them.


– Lose some weight, at least 10 Kg, aiming for 15 or 20 Kg. < Started, and lost some weight but I don’t know how much

– Gain some muscle back. < Started

– pushing my wife into the decoration BA.

On Career:

MBA – But I don’t think I will go for it this year, maybe in 2014.

– Complete the CCEE < Will book the Exam Next Month

– Go for the CCIA.

– Go through ITIL certificate (as long as my company will put me into the ITIL training).

– Go for the TOGAF certificate. < Started but the Study guide is the most boring thing ever

– Complete MCSE Certificate (Private Cloud, Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013).

– Go through the CCIE Data Center Video training, I won’t go for the exam, at least this year.

– Go Through the Cisco UCS training. Will start this one today, but I am so lazy to go to the garage to bring my headset.

– Complete the Exchange 2013 Arabic Training video series.

– Complete Office 365 lab, maybe doing Arabic videos as well.

– Publish another book. Working with PackT on the new title.

– keep the MVP and BExpert certificates. I am thinking about changing my MVP track, not sure.

– Complete the documentation automation script, the one we use at the work.

– Auh, complete the 3PAR training I didn’t finish it in 2012.

let us see how I will do by the end of 2013…

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