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My gift to you in my Birthday–Why you feel unhappy in your current job #Egypt #IT #Jobs #careers

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Today is my Birthday, I will start my first day in my 29th tomorrow finishing my twenties, it was an era for my started in Libya and ending in Egypt.

my gift back to you in by BD will be my own finding for why people are not happy in their current jobs not only IT but any job.

During the past years I found and met a lot of people who working in great companies (big ones also), getting huge pay checks and yet are not happy.

I involved in a lot of discussions during the past month with a lot of my friends and colleagues about the source of happiness and satisfaction in their current role and career path and how to find it.

my finding that a lot of people (specially in Egypt) believe that happiness in career will be gained with high salaries and career satisfaction achieved by working in bigger companies, but of course I can say and declare that this is a big fat mistake.

how I can be so sure, I found the answer 3 years ago when I was involved in Time Effectiveness training, that program lasted for 3 days that changed my life.

the Coach’s idea was to effectively manage your time, you have to love what you do, and to know what you love to do, take that very simple test:

assume that starting tomorrow money will not be used, what ever you want in your life will be given to you for free, you want a house here is a house, you want a car here is a one, no more bills or payments, no money is needed thus you don’t have to pursuit a career or a job anymore (if you work for the sake of money).

so going along with that assumption, if you decided to work (remember that in this job you will not be given a salary there are no need for money) so if you will work in a job where you will never be paid a salary or given a money what you will work?!!!

In the training and until that moment I wasn’t impressed, so I went with the coach and took the test (for the sake of not being a silly boy), and I gave it a thought and came back with the job that I will love to work for free, I will be a military sniper.

The coach then asked me, list 3 things you love about your new career that made you choose it over your current one and will make you happy working it for free, so I chose:

  • Support, I love to provide support to my team and working with them in complex and adventurous plans.
  • Accuracy, planning associated with the military sniper role.
  • Knowledge, training required to be skillful in that role.

Then, The Coach asked the following question : Do you find the above 3 things in your current role?!

The question was shocking to me , I spent days thinking about my current role at that time (of course that was after the training completed) and if I can find any amusement in it and if it fits with the things I wish to have and willing to have and work for free for them.

at that time I found that my role has nothing to do with the above features ,benefits or items that thrills me and one month later I left that role pursuing a job that had those in it, leaving my role in that big company and sacrificing a salary that is double my current salary to find  happiness and satisfaction in career and life.

In our life, we used to have a compass that guide us when we were child, our parents were assisting and guiding us toward solutions for our simple problems like which sport shall we play, which school we should go to…etc, however when we grow up and our problems became a hell more complex we lose this compass and sometimes we lose or mix our dreams with needs and tend to ignore what amuses us and targeting the values of our society which encourages us to have the fanciest houses, the largest cars and biggest salaries which doesn’t bring happiness nor satisfaction to our career or life.

I hope that you will get the message, take the test and apply it to your current career or role and see if you can find happiness or satisfaction in it. if not I highly encourage you to pursuit another career or job that will make you more satisfied and happier because money will not bring any of them.


Thanks for reading my post and until next time.

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