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#Lync #OCS #ucoms Restricted OCS Deployment ports requirements and firewall rules details

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

we have been working with the OCS PG last week in preparing a detailed table for ports requirements and firewall configuration for restricted OCS deployments.

the difference in this table that we have detailed as much as we can the different communication ports and firewall requirements for all of the segmented including internet, internal and enterprise voice communications.

we also detailed the ports and communication paths so it can be reader-friendly for the Security/Firewall engineers.

the wiki assumes that servers are deployed in the same VLAN and separated by a very restricted firewall configuration, Edge is deployed in the DMZ and again restricted firewall configuration is required.

currently the document still being reviewed, but if you are interested in following it you will find it on the wiki, here, we will be publishing another one for Lync as well linked to the wiki.

we will validate the wiki this week at a customer location and we will publish the updates later.


Thanks to Tom, Rick and Rui for their support during creating this wiki.

well done ya kimooooooooooo

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