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What Does it take to write a good blog?!

A friend of mine asked me last week, where have you been ?! you don’t blog that much ?!

I replied by telling him that I already blogged the vCloud automation series, he told me it isn’t that much blogging.

It is fair comment from him anyway , I did about 10 to 15 blogs last year, and I haven’t written any blog since July, but what does it take to write a good blog ?!

It took me 4 months to write a good blog I work hard to provide original contents and posts, I don’t blog novice How Tos, I can do that, but my readers know that when I blog, it is something series.

I didn’t blog since last July because I was heavily focused on vCloud Automation project that produced the 5 parts series (4 published so far); to do it properly I had to stop and learn vCloud Director and Orchestrator inside out, then I had to learn heavy JavaScripting because vCloud Orchestrator automation requires JavaScripting. Then spent 2 month developing the solution then re-enhance it for public reading, asking for more feedback from my community that leaped the automation to another level when they asked med to include reading data from CSV hence you got the blog series.

It is easy to comment or cross reference other posts, but I don’t, I provide my readers with genuine and original ideas and technical material; I believe this is what the community expects from me.

So, are you gonna wait another 4 months for the other blog series ?! maybe clip_image001

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