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Using Redirect with OWA breaks RSA SecureID authentication

the use of OWA redirect rule is very famous now, this has been outlined in several blog post, the best and the original was Brian’s post here http://briandesmond.com/blog/redirecting-owa-urls-in-exchange-2010/

however, careful must be taken when configuring the above rules specially when you are going to use RSA SecureID authentication, the above configuration will prevent the clients on the OWA from accessing the WebID virtual directory and the browser will stop at the path OWA/WebID/IISWebAgentIF.dll with a blank page.

to solve this issue, you will need to stop the redirect and use another method (maybe Java redirect script) because you will not be able to use RSA SecureID with the redirect.

other notes to be considered when configuring OWA with RSA SecureID:

  • Make sure to follow the steps outlined in the WebAgent_IIS.pdf document.
  • make sure to configure the RSA application pool with admin account (this is mentioned in the document but can be easily overlooked).
  • make sure to have the securid file created (install the Windows Agent and do test authentication), the documentation instructs you to download the RSA SDK and use the agent_nsload.exe and convert the file to the web agent format, this is not correct, just copy the file form the authdata folder to the web agent installation directory.
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