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Your Social Presence and Community responsibilities in relation to scams

Social Media usage is increasing dramatically, it is a fact and no one can deny it, even a lot of corporates encaurages Social Media use during work with a lot of recent studies that proves major losses within corporates that ban the use of SM.

But with increased use of SM usage there are lot of security threats that comes within that, a lot of recent scam messages appeared lately on Facebook, and last week I started noticing same scam messages on LinkedIn as well.

not mentioning the security threat associated with those scams for stealing your personal infomration, there are 2 factors captured my attention, 1) your social image, 2) your community responsibilities.

A lot of us uses the social media to enhance his image and demonstrate his expertise within the perimeter of his friends/colleagues and cross the barriers to reach other organizations and professional through out the world, but what will happen to this image and efforts when your friends or connections see you sharing sexual contents, posting inappropriate contents or worst inviting them to do the same or visit specific page that displays those contents.

Of course you are not the one who is posting or sending those messages, it is the damn scam who tricked you to click somewhere and “baaam” all of your contacts and connections are receiving these messages, but don’t you see the risk?.

What will happen if you are trying your best to be a celebrity within your fields and your fans, followers, friends and worst boss gets those, all of your efforts will be gone in vain.

What will happen if you are considered a trustworthy person and started sending those messages and posting those links and your friends and followers started to get infected as well because they trusted you.

In my opinion, there is a specific but unmeasured responsibility for your usage for social media either for fun or professionally, you should be aware that not every message you can post and not every received link you can click, again this is not measured but definitely it is there and you should be aware of that.

I am posting this to all of my friends who are unintentionally sending and posting those spam messages, because it damages your social image and online credibility.

stay safe…

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