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“The Jury Has Spoken” some thoughts about Samsung Vs. Apple from my consumer mind

Today, The Jury has decided the Samsung stolen some of Apple’s innovations and patents and ordered Samsung to pay Apple more than 1 Billion USD, afterwards Apple’s CEO sent this amazing email:

Today was an important day for Apple and for innovators everywhere.

Many of you have been closely following the trial against Samsung in San Jose for the past few weeks. We chose legal action very reluctantly and only after repeatedly asking Samsung to stop copying our work. For us this lawsuit has always been about something much more important than patents or money. It’s about values. We value originality and innovation and pour our lives into making the best products on earth. And we do this to delight our customers, not for competitors to flagrantly copy.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the jury who invested their time in listening to our story. We were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to tell it. The mountain of evidence presented during the trial showed that Samsung’s copying went far deeper than we knew.

The jury has now spoken. We applaud them for finding Samsung’s behavior willful and for sending a loud and clear message that stealing isn’t right.

I am very proud of the work that each of you do.

Today, values have won and I hope the whole world listens.


I found the message impressive because it has it all, Apple won because of their effort to create something original, the walked the hall 10,000 miles to create something that is original and not they find it original, they got a court verdict they they are original.

but I am not a philosopher nor business SME, I am a phone consumer and when I decided to buy a phone I found that my phone “Samsung Galaxy SII” was much better phone than it counter iPhone.

The android application are very rich, the phone is awesome and it does what I want, so I appreciate that Apple is original, but what about creating a good phone that really beats the others.

In the Egyptian and gulf market there are a lot of copycat phones from China that mimic Nokia, Apple and Samsung, do they have a market share?, hell not!!!

So why did Samsung got their market share?, it is because they make really good phones, I am not a business SME nor a mobile market expert but Apple; you are original but you need to compete and make good phones that can win.

congrats to Apple I love you being original, but as a consumer I will buy my wife the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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  1. August 25, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Apple is ready to sue their mothers!! despite the fact they build good products. They are obsessed by other success!

  2. August 25, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Apple bing original because a Bounce back when you reach the end of a page?
    Look at all the functions that they stole from everyone else and put in to its iOS and you wont find anything original at all…

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