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#Exchange #Exchange2010 a deeper look to the UM Worker Process and WP Recycling

A Deeper look to UM Process, Worker Process and Recycling:

Couple of days ago a thread came across in front of me,  that talks about the UM worker process and UM Service and I wanted to share the info with you.

As all of us know, the UM server is the server that provides Voice Mail, Outlook Voice Access and other Exchange cool voice features to users in the Exchange organization.

Referencing http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb125141.aspx

There 2 very important processes within the UM server

The MS Exchange UM Service and the Exchange Unified WP (check the above diagram).

The MS Exchange UM service  is lightweight service that accepts connection on port 5060 or 5061 (depends on the security level of your SIP connection) but doesn’t handle the media stream but itself, this is handled by the EUWP.

How, the UM service accepts the connection from the SIP endpoint (whatever it is) and send to it SIP 302 redirect message to the port 5065 and 5066 (where the actual media is passing).

The Worker Process service is the service that handles the actual media, it doesn’t listen on 5061 it listens on either 5065 and 5066.

The idea that the WP RECYCLE itself every 7 days (this is to reset the WP because of the heavy loads due to voice mails..etc) so it needs to reset itself.

This causes the WP to recycle every 7 days and listen for a week on port 5065, and then listen for another week on 5066 and going back and forth like that.

This has been around since Exchange 2007 RTM, but since Exchange 2010 SP1 there is has been some reports that some PBX (like Nortel CS 1000, and Cisco CCM 6) not working with the Exchange 2010 SP1 UM, this could be due how Exchange 2010 SP1 constructs the 302 redirect message but no solid clues on that one, thus some users running on those PBX might not some drops in the voice mail call during the WP recycle.

NOTE: editing the Recycle schedule is not supported by Microsoft


  1. Heather
    November 26, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Thanks for that information, it is very helpful. I am setup to only talk to UM on 5065 so this breaks my connection every seven days. I thought of two options, and I am not a fan of either. Scheduled task to restart UM service because it restarts on 5065, or creating another connection on 5066 but this will create constant alarms. Is there any other work around that you are aware of?

    • November 29, 2012 at 8:13 am

      Why the service stop, that is the issue you should investigate, any errors in the event viewer.

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