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#mvpbuzz Notes from the field, How to become MVP?

There has been lots of questions and requests online from people asking how to become an MVP, since I have been nominated as an Exchange MVP this round in October, the first question I got after the congrats “I want to be an MVP, how did you do that, how to become an MVP?”

What I will write here is not official statement by Microsoft, but rather a notes from me regarding and what I believe made me an MVP, and suggestion for others on how to become an MVP, what I will write are some thoughts about what I have noted, seen and heard during the last 7 years from/about the MVP  program.

As you all know the MVP is an exclusive club for ITPros, lots of Microsoft consultants and individual are aiming to become  MVPs, what I have seen a lot that there is a lot of people who are not aware with the core and the soul of the program.

The program is about recognizing individuals who demonstrated distinguished Technical experience among their peers in their regions/communities and shared their knowledge with the community and impacting other people with their knowledge.

What I see from people that they don’t understand truly the soul of the award, this is not a technical award and also not a charity award, you have to be very good if not saying exceptional in your technical skills and also shared your knowledge with others.

Due to the reputation of the MVPs and their real value, lots of people are aiming for the award and this is the where the issue rises, they don’t win the awarded.

Well, to be honest I am not 100% why, what I have been told during my interview with our regional MVP lead “also what I have concluded reading more about MVPs and being a one myself J” that Microsoft is not looking to award the MVP title for a person for one year and he gets it and vanishes, Microsoft is looking to award the title to people who have been actively participating in the community activities and also sharing their knowledge and doing that from a somehow time not to get awarded but rather because this is what they believe in.

This looks logical, Microsoft by that will assure that you don’t do those activities just to become and MVP, and this will assure also your continuous work after being an MVP.

For people who are looking to become MVPs please read the following points:

–          Understand what is the MVP award is about, understand it, it is not a technical certificate and not a charity award, it is both.

–          Don’t work to win the award and then stop, show your commitment to the award program by demonstrating your long term intention and plans both technical/community level.

–          If you find that the program goals and vision is what you believe inside yourself start working both technical/community level.

–          Don’t do community activity just to win the award.

–          Don’t expect to win from the first nomination.

–          If you didn’t made it keep doing what you do for the community, you do that because you believe in it, thus the award will come to you one day.

For me, I have been online for the last 8 years, doing activities online/offline, applied several times until awarded, worked extensively online/offline for both community/commercial activities and wooooops it happened J.

I hope that the above notes will guide other individuals who are looking to become MVPs one day in their journey; hopefully we will see more and more MVPs in the upcoming period.

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