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Bourne Leisure Just Got Mailscaped!!!

When it comes to leisure and recreation in the U.K., you only have to think of one name and they have you all covered! From resorts, holiday travel and luxury hotels, to recreational home sales and caravan parks, the Bourne Leisure Group and its subsidiary companies offer anything and everything you need to enjoy a holiday in the U.K.!

The Admin at Bourne Leisure first learned about Mailscape from MSExchange.org and contacted us to evaluate the product. Since they are located in the U.K., we sent the lead over to our friends at Essential. The IT staff at Bourne Leisure were tasked with evaluating monitoring and reporting tools since their Quest renewals were coming due and upper management wanted to look at other products on the market in an effort to save money. Besides being more affordable than Quest’s products, the Admin and his team instantly liked the graphical display of data via Mailscape’s One Look Dashboard and were impressed with the ease of installation. They were so pleased with the benefits they received immediately from Mailscape that they removed Quest’s products and installed Mailscape in their place. This sale represents a large win as Mailscape is protecting all 8 servers in the client’s environment.

ENow would like to give special thanks to James Moody of Essential Computing for all his efforts in closing this huge deal. We congratulate James on his hat trick  (For those of you who don’t know what a hat trick is – it is a term used in hockey for when a player scores 3 goals in 1 game, and this represents his 3rd Mailscape sale, so we all tip our hats to you, James!)

About Bourne Leisure:
Bourne Leisure Group Limited, a leisure company, operates caravan holiday parks in the United Kingdom. It also designs, builds, and sells new and pre-owned holiday homes in its caravan holiday parks, as well as helps its clients to access finance and in subletting their holiday homes. The company was incorporated in 1969 and is based in Hemel Hempstead, the United Kingdom. Bourne Leisure Group Limited is a subsidiary of Bourne Leisure Holdings Ltd. The Bourne Leisure Group incorporates Butlins, Haven, Warner Leisure, Owners Exclusive, and UK Holiday Home Sales.

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