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My own Exchange 2010 Storage Calculator

I had a lot of discussions with other Exchange pros worldwide and I found that 100% of them agree with me that the Exchange calculator that has been posted by MS is not convincing specially in terms of the sizes and no. of disks required for accommodate the exchange requirements.

In my spare time I prepared the attached excel sheet for calculating the required storage, I didn’t finish the no. of hard disk required or backup sections, but I will need your feedback on the excel sheet, I managed to get 5% error factor from the actual mailbox size that will be calculated on MS storage calculator, I won’t be able to compete 100% but it will help.

The strange thing that the MSEC says for the same mailbox sizes that it needs about 100 TB, while mine around 50 TB, I checked my calculations several times so I need your feedback on my sizing.

The calculator has two categories, Yellow and green section, Yellow are your input, green are calculated based on your input, the calculator give you the option to specify the maximum database size required, no. of servers deployed, server failover tolerance (this will be benefit in case you don’t want to protect against 100% loss and want to protect your customer from single or 2 server failure), the calculator still assumes full database replication, the upcoming version will let you mix and match or specify the number of replicated database.

This is version .4 so it might be little buggy, and of course it is neither support nor competing with the MSEC so use it on your own risk, but since it is cells, numbers and pure math I trust my own calc.
Link to the storage calculator
Waiting for your valuable feedback please send to me a feedback on exsc[at]ipility[dot[com]

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