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The first OCS 2007 ignite in Egypt is running

Well it is not the first, it has been done before, but this is the first time that I see this event outside the walls of Microsoft, in Egypt and in the Middle east region in an Arabic country.

Next Sunday I will start the first OCS 2007 ignite session at IPility training center; I am so excited about the experience and the special group of IT pros who chose IPility for this special event.

I always wanted to deliver the Ignite workshops (Exchange and OCS) but I didn’t have the chance now it is the time to kick it off and start delivering those very special training events.

What is special about the ignite, well the ignites are by themselves are unique in their technical level, depth and the amount of time this event is delivered, it is unique and different than any type of Microsoft official curriculum by concentrating on the Technical depth as well as the labs and implementation within the training course as well

@ the ignites we deliver level 300 to 400 technical depth in a very condensed time, I usually call this type of training “the special forces training” you might feel that delivering such a deep level in 5 days is very short, But the material is structured to server this purpose and allow the trainee to gain the maximum benefit from it.

Looking forward for next Sunday, I will let you know about how the group felt the heat after the training.


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