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Blog Post: Integrating OCS 2007, Cisco Call manager, Tandberg MCU 4200 all together – part 1


I have to say that all of you will like this topic a lot, I have been doing a lot of work in the previous 2 months to mount my new infrastructure in my new company, one of the challenges that I had is to provide a centralized conferencing and unified communication solution.


The challenge that I had is providing UC service across different sites (I had many), Audio conferencing, Video conferencing, Web conferencing , Telephony conferencing , Voice mail and all of nice stuff all together; well it wasn’t an easy task.


When I came to my company I found CCM 4.3 mounted already and in place, so I had to work it out with OCS 2007, we decided to have a HW video conferencing solution and not relying on the round table since it is not available in the middle east yet so we investigated Cisco/Polycom and Tandberg and we chose Tandberg.


At the early time I wasn’t involved yet in the vendor selection for the video conferencing, so I was working in choosing a telephony conferencing solution, knowing that OCS R2 will provide that module for me made it much harder to choose between Alcatel, Cisco and Nortel.


When Tandberg solution mounted in our HQ and was in place in 3 of our sites I found that it is amazingly works with OCS 2007 and Cisco Call Manager, so I decided to integrate them together which worked so perfectly after, I will share my experience with you across several configuration notes, solution design posts and Finally showing you how an End to End solution will be implemented between the 3 island and connecting them together.


I will be posting within 2-3 days a entry blog about the design notes for the solution, I am working on some TMS (Tandberg Management Server) design and some MCU issues, so I will post the first blog about the design consideration for such an integrated solution, posting afterwards a configuration notes and tips.


See you in the upcoming post.



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