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The sum of all of really silly OCS questions

I had those silly OCS questions, asked some good folks and have them answered so you might want to take a look on them:

  • In web conferencing, I know that the conferencing server has a built-in load balancing functionality, so if we have a pool of servers and new conference will start, the least loaded server will be selected to host the conference, now suppose that a user 1 scheduled a conference in a pool with 3 conf. server. Server 1 is elected to host the conference. Within the conference user 8 and user 9 wanted to join the conference but server1 became loaded so what exactly will happen, user 9 and user 8 will be hosted on server2, or will not be able to join the conf?.
All Conference states and information are on the focus which is in the SQL Data Base… So even if user 1 is on Server 1 the conference info and state are in SQL… So when users 8,9 connects to Servers 2 and 3 no problems…

  • In the VOIP when a user forward a call to his mobile, how is the caller/receiver are charged? User1 called user2 and he forwarded the call to his mobile. So user1 will be charged on that as mobile call, does user’s 2 phone system get charged for the call forward?
User 1 calls User 2 (Users 2 pay for costs for calling initial User 1 number)… Users 2 decided to forward to his mobile from system… System of User 2 will pay costs to call User 2 mobile number… User 2 happened to be roaming and kidding around then User 2 pays roaming bills… Think of it as separate phone calls each paying the cost of his decision…

  • In the OCS planning examples I found a note that indicates that in the OCS topology only 1 edge server in the OCS topology should serve the external IM access even for multiple pools. Doesn’t seems logic for me why I cannot have multiple edge server for each site and users configured the FQDN for the edge serve and login using edge server in their site.
Because you could only have one FQDN with the name (SIP.company.com) and this is what is initially supported and tested… The main Access edge server has to also be the destination of the FQDN (Sip.company.com)

  • If the note in point 3 is right, this means that I will have to plan the BW at the central location to serve the hall clients logging in, and I will need a director as well. The other point the access proxy redirect or proxy the traffic?
Bandwidth for logon and text is not a big deal.. Yes anyway for your first question… For the second question… The Access Proxy Server will proxy the user’s traffic coming from the internet to the user’s internal pool…

  • What is the HA planning for the Media Gateway?, searched for that and didn’t find it mentioned any where…
Is it mentioned in the Voice Ignite material… HA planning is to have redundant Media Gateways with similar configuration…

  • How to schedule a telephony meeting?
Currently telephony conference role is to integrate with your telephony conference provider, this is planned in the future releases.
Duhhhhh J.

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