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OpsMgr 2007 SQL MP version 6.0.6278.8 Released

This fixes and changes introduced in this release were thanks in large part to the feedback that all of you have provided to us. 


The OpsMgr 2007 MP for SQL 2000 and 2005 has been updated and was released to the MP Catalog on 3/31/2008 (version 6.0.6278.8).  This version includes the fixes from all previous versions of the MP and is supported on both OpsMgr 2007 RTM and OpsMgr 2007 SP1. The table below is an excerpt from the MP guide detailing the changes and fixes that were made in this release.  I’d like to specifically call out the final bullet in the "Changes to SQL Server 2005 Management Pack" as the behavior of the "Database Status" monitor has been updated to have three states now so it can more appropriate handle DB restore and recovery states.

Changes in this Update

The March 2008 update to the SQL Server Management Pack includes the following changes:

General changes

·       The “Transaction Log Space Free (%)” monitor was made public for both SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 to allow for further customization.

·       Some corrections were made and additional detail provided in the “Key Monitoring Scenarios” sections of this guide.

·       Removed the hard-coded exception for jobs with a specific name from the “A SQL job failed to complete successfully” rules for both SQL 2000 and SQL 2005.

·       Fixed an issue with the scripts used to calculate DB free space which was preventing some databases from having their free space correctly monitored on SQL installations that did not have DBs with contiguous IDs.

·       Corrected typographical errors.

Changes to SQL Server 2000 Management Pack

·       Fixed an issue where incorrect free space values were being calculated for some SQL 2000 databases.

Changes to SQL Server 2005 Management Pack

·       A fix was made to address issues with collection of performance data from specific instances of Analysis Services.

·       Significant changes were made to the “Database Status” monitor in the SQL 2005 MP.  The monitor now has three states reflecting good, bad, and neither.  The possible database states have been realigned into these categories which will reduce “false-positive” alert volumes specifically when log-shipping and database backups are occurring.



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