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OCS/E12 and CCM

This is my configuration notes for configuring OCS2007/E12 and Cisco Call manager, I did a test lab “thanks to Jaison Jose and Sheif Tawfik” and we came up with the following results:
– Integration was for simple, configuring the CCM as a GW for the mediation server was very enough to do phone calls.
– To do phone to PC call, you will need to configure a SIP trunk and add phone route plan to it.
– I did dual forking configuration and it worked, I didn’t find any document that explains how to it in details “If someone has such a guide please send it”, but after little testing I found that enabling enterprise voice with Pbx integration and configuring the server URI to be (user@domain.com “Sip Name’), and the Tel URI to be (tel:xxxx “where xxxx is the telephone extension) did the trick for call coming from OCS to user “Note that we will use single extension in this case.
– Missed call notification get delivered to the user’s mailbox in the phone to PC, PC to phone, and dual forking.
– To do dual forking for calls coming to from phone to PC, we need Cisco unified presence server, this is very new Cisco product, attached the CUPS document “we will try to set this up next week”
– User’s phone numbers has to be in E.164 format in AD, redirecting the calls to CCM directly fails in this case because CCM fails to remove the + , so calls need to be forwarded to the Voice gateway first “we need to test that next week”.
– To have CCM/OCS integration you will need to have a SIP trunk between the Mediation server GW facing NIC and the CCM, otherwise it will not work (calls will get service unavailable errors).
– To have Voice-mail auto redirection (a phone missed called redirected directly to the extension’s Voice mail) you will have to enable caller-ID on the SIP trunk, otherwise the user will get an auto-attendant.
– For Auto-attendant feature in Exchange, just create a new auto-attendant as voice enabled, assign an extension and create an Extension routing rule on the CCM to redirect the call to the Exchange feature and it will work.
– To do presence integration you will need CUPS in-place, we didn’t have the time to test that.
– Feature that has been tested successfully:
1. PC to phone calls
2. Phone to PC calls.
3. Dual forking (from calls coming from OC).
4. Multi-group conferencing (OC – Phone – phone).
5. Voice mail and missed call notification.
6. Call forwarding to phone, PC and VM.
7. OVA

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